Dear Friends and Readers, Welcome to my web-site and blog. Please find links to my on-line and print poems under the Publications menu, including my books.  Poetry obviously matters to me:  I love the ear and tongue of it;  I play in the mud and sand of it. But poetry matters, especially now, to the wider culture for reasons that W. H. Auden speaks in his tribute to Yeats:

For Poetry makes nothing happen: it survives
In the valley of its making where executives
Would never want to tamper, flows on South
From the ranches of isolation and the busy griefs,
Raw towns that we believe and die in; it survives,
A way of happening, a mouth.

Poetry’s way of happening, that mouth, that river, even when it doesn’t speak politics, is political in that it defies what executes and controls. It’s a way of being that doesn’t involve profit or prophecy for most of us who make it, but it slakes a thirst, and it leaves a record like the ripples in siltstone.

Best Wishes, Mary Moore