Magazines and Anthologies

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Forthcoming, As of January 23, 2022

“Dear Here,” “Naranja” and “Why I Obsess On Ripples,” Birmingham Poetry Review. Print

“Before Snow From a Blue Room,” Mayday. Print

“Instructions To Self,” Crosswinds. Print

“Polarities,” I-70 Review.  Print

“Maker and Mocker,” Orison Books’ Eve Anthology, Print

“Appalachian Colony for the Charitably Inclined” and “The Spring House,” Gargoyle, Print


“Carol of Seeing Things On the Porch,” Birmingham Poetry Review, No. 48, Spring 2021, Print

“Appalachian Prayer” and “Dear Weather,” Terrain. October 28, 2021. Terrain, A Journal Of the Environment

“Dear Pilot,” Verse Virtual, On-line.  February 2022.

“The Sign” Ekphrastic Review, On-line.

“Claire’s Cosmography,” Ekphrastic Review, On-line.

The Wolf Spider,” Calyx, Vol 32, No. 3, Summer/Fall, 2021, Print.

“Aubade With Door,” Gargoyle 74.  Print. 2021

Wild Gods, The Ecstatic In Contemporary Prose & Poetry.  Eds. Joel Peckham and Robert Vivian. New River Press, 2021. Print.

“Anonymous Thinks Of Erasure,” Headline Poetry And Press, May 2020.

“Not Understanding But Bearing,” The Inflectionist Review

“The God Of Air,” Asheville Poetry Review.

“Between Now and No,” “Immolation,” “Gravel and Sumac,” “What Vertigo Is,” “Sun Clock,” Aeolian Harp Anthology, 6.  Print

“California Ode,” “Ultramarine” “Variations on Gray,” “Morpho Didius,” “On My Mother’s Suicide.” Weekly Hubris, an International Blog 

“Draft For a Maquette,” 2020 Orison Books Anthology

“Musk Thistle,” “Speaking the Sea and the Glass Flower,” Comstock Review, Fall/Winter, 2020, Print

“California Ode,” Print and On-Line. Poetry, February 2020,

“Amaryllis Belladonna,” “The Power of X and the Rule of E,” and “Reeling Girl,” Prairie Schooner, Spring 2020.

“The Word Perhaps the World,” “After the I Ching Says No Blame,” Gettysburg Review, 32: 4, Winter 2019.

“A Kind of Muse,” 32 Poems,  January 2020.

“After Clouds,” Catamaran.  V. 8, Issue 2, Summer 2020.

“Instructions For a Modest Project,” Ekphrastic Review, August 16, 2020

“Red Diamond Queen,” Cider Press Review. V 21, Issue 4, January 29, 2020,.

“To the Ghost of Humid Nights,” Cider Press Review, V 21, Issue 2, August 28, 2019.

“The Lace Girl.” 2019 Orison Anthology

“Van Gogh’s Howl,” Catamaran.  7:1.  Winter/Spring 2019.

“Syncope,” “Addled.”  Gettysburg Review. Summer, 2018. 31: 2

“Showing the Father,” Nelle, Issue 2, 2019.

“Quaking Grass,” Asheville Poetry Review, Third-Place Winner, William Mathews Prize, 2018. V.25; No. 1, 2018; Issue 28

“Fly Fishing,” “What the Ants Write,” “Morpho Didius,” Birmingham Poetry Review.  Spring 2019. No. 46.

“Abundance,” “Economy,” “Ecology of the Siskiyou Watershed.” “Rock Is the Premise.” Fire and Rain, Ecopoetry of California. Scarlet Tanager Books.

“Aubade,” 2017 Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology.

“Colonizing Eyes, 2,” “Ode To M.A. Vizsolyi’s Love Sonnets,” “The Lace Girl,” Nimrod International Journal. 

“A Diffident Heaven,” “Immolation,” “Mud Daubers and Orb Weavers,” Cold Mountain Review

“Stargazers,” GFT Press, for Fall 2017 print issue

“The Ibis Is,” Minerva Rising

“Resistance,” “Wool Is My Wood,” “Mine Tailings” in Unity Anthology, Ed. Cat Pleska.  Many Mountains Press.

“Chimera,” “Speaking the Beast,” “Antherea Polyphemous,” and “Embroidery.”  Second Place Award Winner, Nimrod International Journal. Awards 39. Fall/Winter 2017. V. 61: No. 1.

“March 21,” Orison Anthology 2017

“Amanda and the Man Soul,” Nasty Woman Anthology

“To the Miscarried Child, Van Gogh’s Irises,” Cider Press Review

“The Haze Has Dominion,” “Understories,” Still the Journal

“French Cooking.” Way to Your Heart Anthology, ed. Kelly Ann Jacobson.

“In the Dress Of Mirrors.” Cider Press Review, April 1, 2017.

“Texaco.” Indolent Books Blog, “What Rough Beast.” May 28, 2017

“Cat Nap.” The Indolent Books Blog, “What Rough Beast.” May 15, 2017

“Amanda and the Man-Soul,” “The Gone Twin,” “Amanda Muse,” “Ballad of Red and Blue,” “Gratitude.”  Poem/Memoir/Story. 2017.

“Dogwood’s Gist.” Eyes Burning At the Edge of the Woods:  Fiction and Poetry From West Virginia.  Anthology.  Morgantown, WV:  WVU Press. March 2017.

“Unfraught,” “The Fainting Couch.” Unsplendid. February 2017.

“On My Mother’s Suicide.”  Georgia Review. Winter 2016.

“Plenty.”  Still, the Journal. Fall 2016.

“Fortune.”  Canary, special issue on trees.  September 2016.

“Almost Woman,” “Wind Worshipper,” “If Doughnuts Were Wishes.”  “Hoppenthaler’s Congeries” Connotation Press, An On-ively ine Artifact.  July 2016.​

“The Nineteenth Century Teapot,” “What the Sand Says,” Birmingham Poetry Review, Spring 2016.

“The Looters.”  Coal Hill Review.

“Economy.”  Cider Press Review

“Giants,” “Trespasses,” “Morphology of Love,” “Metaphor,” “The principle of gold fish is the ephemeral.”  McNeese Review (2016).

“Blackbirds,”  One, No. 8.  February 15, 2016

“Watercolor Woman,” Cider Press Review. 18.1.  January 5, 2016

“To My Author,”  Abraxas 49.  2015

“Red,” Terrain, A Journal of the Lived and Natural Environment.  One of three finalists in annual contest.  November 2015, on-line.

“Eating the Light,” The Freeman.  Fall 2015, print issue.

“Looking Too Long At the Sun.”  The Moth.  No. 22.  Autumn 2015.

“Amanda Who Is Seen and Not Heard,” “If Amanda Were Admiral,” “Putting On the Glove of Shape” in Bluestockings Magazine. July 2015

“Eating the Light,” The Freeman, on-line.  May 15, 2015

“Venice Beach, 1950,” Cider Press Review, Best of Volume 16, 2015.

“Hilliard and the Queen,” One, No. 2.

“Being the Violin, Gaspara Stampa Venetian Poet and Singer c. 1550,” Nimrod. 57.2. Spring/Summer 2014.

“Job’s God Addresses Us.”  Borderlands Poetry.  20 July, 2014.  V. 3. Spring, Summer 2014.

“Venice Beach, 1950,” Cider Press Review. 16. 3, July 1, 2014.

“When you talk about your dead…,” “The petroglyphs like rakes symbolize rain,” in unsplendid.  Combined Double Issue:  5.3 & 6.1.

“What Angst Says,” “In the Tenth Year of the Afghan War,” “Reading the Writing on the Sky,” “Sepia,” “The Weather of Longing,” Lévure Litteraire.  No. 9. 2014.

“Demeter.” Drunken Boat, 18. January 2014.

“Eating the Eighteenth Century Still Life,” “Woman Seated on Stairs,” “Diggers.” Birmingham Poetry Review, 41, 2013.

“Snow Woman.” Santa Fe Literary Review, 2013.

“Widowmaker,” in Birmingham Poetry Review. 25th Anniversary Issue, April 2013

“Blazon,” “The Angel of the Knowledge of Death,” and “Cuttings,” with interview in Connotation Press, January 2013.

“The Mind Fills Every Emptiness,” (contest finalist) Sow’s Ear Review, Winter 2013

“What Holds Us Together,” “Rock is the Premise,” “Why Bird?” “Pliny and I,” “The Climate of Climbing the Stairs,” Evolutionary Review.  V. 3, Iss. 1. 2013.

“Water for Skin” in 10×3, 2012

“The Gin of Time,“ a twelve part poem. Nimrod International Awards Issue.  Finalist. Awards Issue, 2011.

“Elizabeth’s Rule,” “The Platonist’s Complaint,” “Glossing the Monastary Garden,” “The Courtier Comments on Ladies,“The Glass of Fashion.” Cavalier, The Literary Couture.  Featured February-April 2011

“Five for California,” Connotations Press, February 2011.  On-line.

“The Blue Glass Bottle by Blenko” and “Van Gogh’s Stars” 2riverview.  14.3.  Spring 2010.

“Winged Nike.”American Poetry Journal, Winter 2008.

“Weaving Water,” in Coal, an anthology.  Blair Mountain Press.  2006

“Word Girl,” “Beautiful Daughter” in Literary Mama, an anthology.  Eds. Amy Hudock and Carol Buckram.  Seal Press.  2006

“Tin Roofs, A Corona,” and “Cardinal” in Kestrel, Combined Issue Winter 2006.

“Indigo Bunting’s Blue,” and ‘Flicker.”  Prairie Schooner, Fall 2006

“Word Girl,” and “Beautiful Daughter.”  Literary Mama Anthology 2004

“Stars and Stones,” “West Virginia, Late Summer,” “What Air Says,” and “First Wounds, Then Words”, Wild Sweet Notes, Volume II. A refereed anthology.  October 2004.

“Angels of West Virginia,” “On Margaret’s Painting, Bucky’s Farm,” Sows’ Ear Review, 2004.

“The Hawk of Showing,” Appalachian Newsletter, 2004, an un-refereed regional newsletter

“WoodWord for Gwendolyn Brooks,” “A Mind of Winter, I, II, III,” Perihelion, March 2001A refereed national, on-line journal.

“Red.” Nimrod, Winter 2001, a refereed international journal.

“Lively in Her Soul” in Letters to Our Mothers.  New York:  Simon & Schuster, 1998.  319-325.  A refereed national anthology. “To a Grown Daughter” and “Dream of My Mother Going to Alaska.”

Mockingbird.  Vol. 2., No. 1, June 1995.  24.

“Mothering” and, “Trees of Capitol Park.” Poet News, September, 1995.  5.

“Rosie,” “The Eclipse at the Lucky Cafe,” “Reflections:  Two Sonnets,” Mockingbird, Vol 1 No. 1 (Spring 1994)

“Door,” Poetry.  May 1994.  91.

“Dean Keeping Bees in Kentucky,” “Sebastopol,” Prairie Schooner. Fall 1993.159.

“Like a Great Wind,” “Parachute,” New Letters, Vol 59, No. 2., 1993.  39-41

“Fontanel,” Poetry.  December 1993.  136.

“Yellow.”  Nimrod.  Fall 1992 Awards Issue.  N.p. known

“Mater Mother.” Field.  No. 46 (Spring 1992).  45.

“Cosmology of the Irish Mother.” Poetry.  V. CLVI, No. 6. (September 1990). 331.

“Memorial Day, San Francisco.”  Negative Capability. VII.III (1988). 114-117.

“Light Bulb,” “The Juggler of Morning.”  Pinchpenny.  8.3 (1987).  25.

“The Way Up Is the Way Down,” “The Way Down Is the Way Up,”  “Morning, Bodega Bay,”  “Ecology of the Siskiyou Watershed.”  Quercus.  4.2 (1985).  21-25

“Lively in Her Soul” in Letters to Our Mothers.  Ed. Connie Warlowe.  New York, Simon Schuster, 1997.

“The Delta,” Landing Signals, Sacramento Poetry Center, 1986.