Ph.D.  English, September 2, 1994.  University of California, Davis.  The dissertation, “‘That She Might Laurel Grow’:  Petrarchism and Women Sonneteers–Labé, Wroth, and Millay.”
M.A. English.  California State College, Sonoma.  Master’s Thesis:  “Finite Infinity:  the Inner Cosmos of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry.” Self-consciousness and containment.
B.A. English.  University of California, Riverside.

Publications, Creative and Scholarly

Poetry Books

Amanda and the Man Soul.  Winner of the 2017 EMRYS award, selected by Dorianne Laux.  Greenville, SC: Emrys Foundation.  2017.  40 pp.

Flicker. Poetry.  Winner of the Dogfish Head Poetry Prize.  (Judges Carol Frost, Baron Wormser, Jan Beatty)  Delaware: Broadkill River Press.  2016.  83 pp.

Eating the Light.  Poetry Chapbook.  Winner of Sable Books 2016 Award.  (Judge, Allison Joseph.) Sable Books.  2016.  34 pp.

The Book of Snow.  Poetry.  Cleveland: Cleveland State Univ. P. January 1998.  64 pp.

As to the Trees that Blossom At Night.  Poetry Chapbook. Occidental, CA:  White Bear Books.  1980. 40 pp.

Critical Book
Desiring Voices:  Women Sonneteers and Petrarchism.  Carbondale and Edwardsville:  Southern Illinois Univ. P.  July 2000. 290 pp.

Creative Publications

Poems in Journals


“California Ode,” Poetry

“The Lace Girl,” Orison Press, Orison Anthology, 2019.\


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“The Blue Glass Bottle by Blenko” and “Van Gogh’s Stars” Spring 2010

issue 2river view, a refereed, national on-line journal with audio.

“Winged Nike” in American Poetry Journal, Winter 2008.

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Poems In Anthologies

“Weaving Water,” in Coal, An anthology.  Blair Mountain Press.  2006

“Stars and Stones,” “West Virginia, Late Summer,” “What Air Says,” and “First Wounds, Then Words”, Wild Sweet Notes, Volume II. October 2004.

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Scholarly Articles
“The Poetry of Robert Sidney.” Invited article for  Research Companion to the Sidneys 1500-1700.  Two Volumes.  Ed. Margaret Hannay, Michael Brennan, Mary Ellen Lamb.  Ashgate Press.  2015.

“Laura’s Laurels:  Petrarca’s rime 1 and 85 and Rossetti’s ‘Mona Innominata, 1 and 8’.”  Victorian Poetry . Spring 2012.

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“Annotation, poems, Mary Wroth” and “Annotation, poems, Isabelle Whitney.” Norton Anthology of Literature by Women, 2nd ed. 1996.

Articles In Revision
“Wit the Web:  Wroth’s and Stampa’s Performative Wit,” article based on RSA Presentation in 2009.

Presentations and Conferences

“’Wit the Web’”:  Mary Wroth’s and Gaspara Stampa’s Performative Wit.”  Renaissance Society of America, international multi-disciplinary conference on Renaissance studies.  Los Angeles California.  March 16-19, 2009.

“Singing Wounds,” a panel presentation on mysticism and early modern women, organizer and contributer. “Singing Wounds,” Richard Crashaw and St. Theresa of Avila. Attending to Early Modern Women, an international multidisciplinary conference November 2006.  University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.  Center for Renaissance and Baroque Studies.

The following two papers also were presented at the 2004 West Virginia Shakespeare Association conference at Marshall.

“‘I Flame Amazement’:  Ariel’s Metaphysics.”  Renaissance Society of America.   Invited submission.  Toronto, Canada.  March 2003.

“‘This Coupled Worke’:  Mary Sidney’s Elegy for Sir Phillip Sidney.”  Renaissance Society of America.  Invited submission.  Tempe Arizona.  April 2002.

“Speaking Silence:  Petrarch and Christina Rossetti.”  Modern Language Association.  Refereed journal.  New Orleans, Lousianna.  December 2001.

Reading New Poems.  University of Southeastern Oklahoma.  March 2000.

“‘Monstrous in Show’:  Contending Views of the Poet’s Womb.”  Early Modern Culture Group Conference, November 17-19, 1998.  Newport Rhode Island, University of Rhode Island.

Panel and Presentation:  “Bodies of Light, Bodies of Matter:  Female Self-Fashioning in Wroth, Weston, and Stampa.”  Mary Moore, MaryEllen Lamb, Louise Schleiner.  Crossing the Boundaries;  Early Modern Women.  November 1997.  University of Maryland.

“Eating Desire, Embracing Error:  Self-Knowledge in Labé and Petrarch.”  Shakespeare Association of West Virginia,  Montgomery West Virginia. April 23-24, 1996.

“The Labyrinth of Style and the Female Sense of Self in Lady Mary Wroth’s ‘Pamphilia to Amphilanthus.’”  Central and South-Central Renaissance Conference, March 20-23, 1996.  St. Louis, Mo.

“For Love to See Himself’;  Mary Wroth and Petrarch’s Mirror.”  Modern Language Association, San Diego, California.  December 1994.

Proposer and Chair:  “Early Modern Women as Subjects of Poetry:  Pembroke, Wroth, Lanyer.”  Modern Language Association, San Diego, California.

“The Thirst for Self;  Lady Mary Wroth’s Echo and Narcissus.” Philological Association of the Pacific Coast, November 4, 1994.

“Petrarch and the Guise of Blindness.”  Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. December 1993.  St. Louis.

Teaching Experience
Professor, promoted April 2005.  Associate Professor, promoted March 2000, tenured 2001.  Appointed as Assistant Professor, August 1995. Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia.  Courses taught: Honors seminar, “Shakespeare’s Women:  Monstrosity, Medicine and Mysogyny,” Introduction to Graduate Study—Methods and Materials;  Senior Seminar, Capstone for Majors; First-year Seminar;  graduate course, Sex and Renaissance Women, Construction of Women from Classical Period to Renaissance; Shakespeare’s Comedies and Romances; Shakespeare and the Performance of Gender, an Honors seminar team-taught with Jack Cirillo of Marshall Theatre Department; Shakespeare and Politics, an Honors seminar;  Honors English ;  Seventeenth Century Prose and Poetry; Tudor Literature; Survey of English Literature to 1796; Introduction to Shakespeare; Teaching Shakespeare; The Erotic Tradition, Love Sonnet Sequences, a graduate seminar; Sex and Modernism, women modernists, graduate seminar; Short Story; Introduction to Poetry, literary analysis not creative writing; Writing One-on-One, tutor training for Writing Center; Composition; Advanced Composition; Research Writing; Introduction to Creative Writing; Remedial English.  Numerous independent studies and M.A. thesis committees.

Lecturer, post-doctoral appointment, 1994-’95.  University of California, Davis.  Composition and undergraduate literature courses as assigned.

Teaching Assistant Consultant.  (September 1993-June 1994).  Department of English, University of California, Davis.  Helped train and consulted with over 50 T.A.’s.

Associate in English and Teaching Assistant (September 1989-Spring 1994). Department of English, University of California, Davis.  Taught Close Reading of Poetry, Introduction to Literature, Composition, Advanced Composition, Remedial Composition.

Lecturer.  California State University at Sacramento.  Technical Writing.  Winter Semester, 1986, concurrent with other employment.

Creative Writing Teacher.  Sacramento Poetry Center workshops (Intermittently 1985-1988).

Academic Administrative Experience
Assistant Director for Honors, Center for Academic Excellence.  Fall 2005—Fall 2010.  Direct courses and advise students for academic honors program;  recruit faculty to teach in honors;  manage and assist in student organizations of honors students;  contribute to web-page revisions;  perform program assessment;  schedule classes for honors.

Director, University Writing Centers, Marshall University.  Fall 2000-Spring 2005.  Manage, train tutors for, recruit tutors, schedule,  supervise, publicize peer tutoring services for university.

Related Professional Writing Experience
Editorial Staff Manager, Senior Editor, and Editor, (1980-87).  Managed editing and technical writing–computer system documents, newsletters, proposals––for Fortune-Five-Hundred company, Computer Sciences Corporation.  Government Health Services Division, Sacramento, California.  February 1980 through June 1987.

Independent Contractor, technical writing, with other health organizations, intermittent through 1995.

Academic and Administrative Service
Marshall, College of Honors, Dean Search Committee.  Spring 2009.

Marshall University Core Curriculum Reform Committee.  Summer 2006 to Summer 2009.

COLA Research Committeee, elected Fall 2004, Fall 2007. Marshall U.

COLA Curriculum Committee, elected Spring 1998, served through 2000. Marshall U.

English Department, Ad Hoc Faculty Evaluation Sub-Committee (2005).  Marshall U.

English Department, Faculty Concerns Committee (personnel), served 2002-3; 2006-7.  Marshall U.

English Composition Assessment. Nine years.   Fall 1995 to Spring 2006. Marshall U.

Faculty Search Committees, numerous from Spring 1995 to present. Marshall U.

English Department, Writing Committee, 1995-2000. Marshall U.

English Department Chair Assessment Sub-committee, 1998-99, 1999-00. Marshall U.

Supervisor, Dual Credit teaching.  1997-1998;  1998-99. Marshall U.

Capstone Committee.  1997-2000. Marshall U., English

Judge, Meier Awards (student writing award), 1996, 2000, 2007, 2008.

W. V. Shakespeare Assoc., Planning Comm 1997, 2004.

Honors and Awards

Winner, Flicker, Dogfish Head Poetry Award, 2016

Winner, Eating The Light, Sable Books Chapbook Contest, 2016

Semi-Finalist, Verse, Apostle Thistle, a chapbook, 2015.

Finalist, Sow’s Ear Review Chapbook Contest, 2015, Eating the Light

Finalist, Red Mountain, Flicker

Finalist, Brick Street, 2013, Flicker

Semi-Finalist, The Waywiser Prize, 2013, for Flicker

Semi-Finalist, Black Lawrence Award, 2013 for poetry ms., Flicker.

Finalist, Slash Pine Press Chapbook Contest, 2013, for chapbook, The Harrowing

Semi-Finalist, University of Arkansas Miller Williams Award, 2012, for poetry ms., Flicker

Finalist, Sow’s Ear Review Poetry Award, 2012

Finalist, Nimrod International Journal, Pablo Neruda Award, 2011.

Marshall, Spring 2005.  Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award (for Teaching and Scholarship).  $5000.00.

NEH, 2005.  Summer Research Institute, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Early Modern Women.

Marshall, Fall 2002.  Hedrick Award Nominee for Outstanding Teacher/Scholar

Marshall, Spring, 2000.  Finalist, Pickens-Queens Award

Marshall, Nominee, 1998 Pickens/Queen Teaching Award.

Marshall, Nominee, Pickens-Queen Teaching Award October 1997

Finalist, 1996 Cleveland State University First-Book contest; book accepted.

Marshall, Nominee, Pickens-Queen Teaching Award October 1996.

David Noel Miller Fellowship, University of California, Davis.  1993-94; 1994.

Regents Fellowship, University of California, Davis.  1991-92 academic year.

New Letters Poetry Award, 1992.  Philip Levine, judge.  Second runner up.

Pablo Neruda Poetry Contest, Nimrod  magazine, 1992.  Finalist.

Memberships, Professional Associations.  Renaissance Society of America;  Sidney Society;  Modern Language Association;  National Honors Council